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21.03.17 By Rachel Categories:

IoT in Mining, Oil & Gas – Selecting the best IoT platform

DeepSensor Conference 6-7 April 2017 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Running concurrently with the inaugural Festival of the Web, The Internet of Things in Mining Oil and Gas DeepSensor Conference will bring together experts, producers and suppliers to share insights into the continuing deployment of IoT in these crucial industries. Satalyst – invited speaker   Satalyst CTO and Azure MVP, Martin Abbott, has been invited to present on Azure IoT platform and services. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions, with Martin participating with partners and conference co-chair, Atamo, in a Q&A panel and at the SME Expo. Details and session times can be found on the DeepSensor website.     The Azure IoT platform is open and scalable with services that any company, whether startup or the most established global enterprises, can use to create new value, right now. Easily and securely establish bi-directional communication with billions of IoT devices via the Azure IoT Hub. The Azure IoT Suite is an integrated offering that takes advantage of all the relevant Azure capabilities to connect devices and other assets (i.e. “things”), capture the diverse and voluminous data they generate, integrate and orchestrate the flow of that data, and manage, analyze and present it as...
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