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Satalyst assists companies to realise the business benefits technology can offer. When you engage with Satalyst, you're buying more than IT services, you're investing in the best solution to drive your business value through the innovative use of technology.

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Anthony Attwood

Senior Software Engineer
Anthony was the Satalyst FedEx Day project winner for June 2015.  Anthony joined Satalyst in early 2015 as a Senior Software Engineer.  Anthony has over 8 years professional software and systems engineering experience, including in-vehicle and field-deployable computing capabilities. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from UWA, and an ongoing interest in the cross-disciplinary nature of large scale systems.
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10.08.15 By Derek Bingham Categories:

PT 1: Azure App Services in Visual Studio 2015 & VSO

The aim of this blog is to quickly demonstrate how to use the new Azure capabilities inside Visual Studio 2015 and VSOnline / TFS 2015 Build to quickly start your build and deployment pipeline for Azure App Service Components. Most of the steps in this post have been covered in numerous other articles, I have taken the opportunity to include as many links to these in an attempt to bring them all together in one place. To demonstrate the capabilities of both Build and VS2015, I am going to use a very simple Api App that is within a Logic App. This will additionally document how CI/CD is evolving in this new Application Service Platform (at least for these two components) Part One: Build and Deploy a Logic App Step 1 – Use Azure Resource Manager to provision the logic app and api app. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) has been around for a while now and it is also the platform on top of which Logic Apps are built. Conversely we will use it to deploy a Logic App into Azure. Simply create a new project as described in the following post Deploy from Visual Studio. Once created simply amend ‘’...
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