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Digital transformation is vital to a company’s survival.

We will help you understand new and underperforming digital touch-points in your organisation and provide the solutions to capture the ‘digital advantage’. Through integration and systems of intelligence, we will help you and your organisation achieve more.

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Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics

Focussed on industry leadership, best practices, research and tangible solutions, Satalyst's IoT and Advanced Analytics team can help your organisation transform. Let us show you how your organisation can make data its biggest asset to improve decision making, efficiencies, cost savings and finding new revenue streams.

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Satalyst Tracker

Location Enabled Satalyst Tracker uses advanced cloud and IoT technology to report on location and performance of the tracked asset

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23.08.16 By Rachel Categories: ,

Fun with Azure Episode 3

Fun with Azure Click here to view Episode 3   News Items Azure Usage and Billing portal Last year the Azure Resource Usage and RateCard APIs were released, now the Developer Experience team has open sourced a Usage and Billing portal that provides a veneer across the API allowing you to see the usage across your subscriptions. ( AppSource A big announcement at WPC was the release of AppSource, a marketplace to help users find and evaluate SaaS solutions built by ISVs on top of Microsoft services. There are a few requirements for the applications, like using Azure AD and providing a trial, but this is a great way to market a solution to a wider audience. ( Azure Storage SDK for Node.js GA The Node.js SDK for Azure Storage has made it to general availability, and there are a bunch of samples to try out from your Node applications. It’s available via npm or grab it from GitHub. ( MPI support on Linux on Azure Batch If you need to use MPI on Azure Batch for high scale processing, previously the only option was Windows. That’s now changed and you can run MPI on Linux within Azure Batch, and...
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