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Satalyst is a cloud-first digital transformation company leveraging Microsoft and open source technology to build, integrate and support solutions.

Our mission is to empower our clients with a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to modernise and optimise business processes.

We collaborate with our clients to really understand their business and strive for optimal business outcomes rather than just focusing on the technology.

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Certified Microfost Cloud Solutions Provider

Satalyst is a
Microsoft Cloud Solutions ProviderTM
What this means to our clients is we can package our solutions and services with Microsoft cloud services for a single, subscription-based offering.

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13.09.17 By Rachel Coyne Categories:

Event registration management powered by Dynamics 365 – low cost and flexible

A quick Google search will find plenty of options for event registration management software. But these options usually come with a catch like a high cost or they’re not able to be adapted to suit your needs or integrate with your systems. Perhaps you’re running an organisation like a cricket club or you’re a training provider and want a centralised solution that takes away all the pain of manual processes and copious spreadsheets and offers self-service registration from your website? Typically, you’d want to decrease the administrative costs and optimise processes and customer experience, but sometimes the enterprise software options just don’t fit the bill and you end up paying for more than what you need. In our experience, we know there’s a need for a low cost and flexible registration management system that can be branded and launched from existing corporate websites. Organisers of one of the largest road cycling races in Australia, Cycling Eventures, definitely was. Cycling Eventures was after an online system that offers self-service registration, online payment options, scheduling, automated administration, and optimised for marketing and communication activities to better manage all the events in its annual calendar. Satalyst’s Event Registration Management System leverages the out of the box...
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