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Satalyst assists companies to realise the business benefits technology can offer. When you engage with Satalyst, you're buying more than IT services, you're investing in the best solution to drive your business value through the innovative use of technology.

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11.02.16 By Damien Herbert Categories:

Lean Experiments for day to day problems

Many think Lean experiments are just for start-ups. The reality is that anyone can do them any time. Lean experimentation is one of the most important skills to develop to foster innovation. Lean experimentation enables the ability to deliver new ideas which are more likely to succeed and avoid investment in ideas which are unlikely to succeed. Recently, a Satalyst client was sharing some of the struggles they were having with improving their new market acquisition campaigns. They wanted to find a way to increase their acquisition rates and reduce costs, as well as the amount of time they were taking to carry out. Seems reasonable, right? Introduce lean ideas Satalyst proposed trying a Lean experiment and explained the benefits. The concept of spending less time and money to test an idea that could improve acquisition rates seemed pretty appealing, so ahead we went. Traditionally, lean experiments start with an idea. Here we started with a problem that needed solving. The first thing we did was have an ideation session to decide on possible options. We came up with a range of ideas and through critical discussion, we converged on one. The outcome was a theory that we could overlay...
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Stuart van Selm

Principal Project Manager
Stuart is the Satalyst Principal Project Manager.  He has extensive experience in delivering complex, multi-site programmes and projects, utilising cutting edge technology.  Stuart is a results-driven Project Manager with proven ability for delivering substantial revenue, productivity and quality improvements for our customers. Stuart has extensive experience in managing Business Intelligence, Insurance and Business-toCustomer (B2C) solution developments. Stuart has experience within the Public Sector, including having managed a portfolio of projects for Main Roads WA, and extensive financial services experience from his time as Vice-President – Global Markets Technology at Merril Lynch in the UK. Stuart has successfully delivered software development, systems integration and business intelligence projects of all sizes, across a range of industries, utilising appropriate methodologies, with a particular focus on Agile/Lean methods and techniques.
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