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Satalyst assists companies to realise the business benefits technology can offer. When you engage with Satalyst, you're buying more than IT services, you're investing in the best solution to drive your business value through the innovative use of technology.

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John Chillemi

John has over 7 years’ experience developing software across a variety of industries, including entertainment, defense and health. John has a passion for agile development practices and user experience design. He holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science and Games Technology.
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23.03.15 By Rachel Categories:

Navitas Satalyst Racing Team Corporate Mentoring Program Launched

The Navitas Satalyst mentoring program was launched earlier this month. The aim of the program is to build one-on-one relationships between riders and members from the sponsor/Tifosi group. Some of the mentors include Todd Elliott (Managing Director, Satalyst), Bryce Houghton (CFO, Navitas), John Stringer (CEO, RAC Insurance), Stephen Gobby (CEO, GMA Garnet Group) and Lawrie Tremaine (CFO, Woodside).  By sharing their broader experience, knowledge and perspective with individual team members will assist in developing the rider’s full potential in both their cycling and importantly their personal/professional development.    
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