Cyber security: Defend your business


A cyber attack on your business can be catastrophic. The risk to your business today and the repercussions cannot be ignored.

  • Cyber crime costs the Australian economy more than $1b per year
  • Cyber security is not merely an IT issue, it is an organisational threat
  • How long can your business continue to operate without its critical business data?
  • How much financial loss can your business bear resulting from a negligent data breach?

This IT security webinar will raise your awareness of cyber security as an organisational threat and get you thinking about the security of your business systems and data, especially now with the shift to a more mobile workforce.

We offer solid advice on modernising your approach to IT and improving your business’s cyber resilience without disruption to continuing your business as usual.

We promise the hour you invest in this webinar will be well spent.


Todd Elliott Satalyst CEO

Todd Elliott
Satalyst CEO

Daniel Maddern Satalyst Cyber Security Practice Lead

Daniel Maddern
Security Practice Lead

Cyber Security: Defend your business

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