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Satalyst is an Australian-based Gold Microsoft Partner specialising in cloud, security, and data.

Our innovative solutions transform business processes and productivity. We leverage Microsoft and open source technology to modernise, secure, and support IT and data environments.

We support clients at every stage of their technology journey.

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29 Apr

Azure Immersion Workshop: Azure AI – Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Training Day: Machine Learning Join us for a free one-day event Azure Machine Learning This is the second of our Azure AI immersion workshops designed to help you think differently about developing cloud applications when AI is part of the solution set. You’ll learn how to build machine learning models and get a deeper understanding of Azure AI services so you can envision Azure-enabled AI projects for your company. Here’s what you can expect: An overview of Azure AI: Powering new possibilities for every organisation An overview of Azure Machine Learning Real-life application demo Roll up your sleeves for hand-on labs There will be plently of breaks through-out the day. Take home the skills you need to envision Azure-enabled AI projects in your organisation. Reserve your place today!   Presented by   

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22.02.21 By Daniel Maddern Categories:

5 critical steps to network penetration testing

Somewhere between updating your Disaster Recovery plan and setting up multi-factor authentication, you probably recall that it’s time you conduct penetration testing for your network. If you have the skills and the time internally to do this, I recommend that you make sure that your pen test covers the following 5 key steps. These steps work regardless of whether you are completing a small-scale web application pen test or a full network pen test for a global organisation. Penetration Testing your Network Footprinting / Reconnaissance Footprinting or Reconnaissance is the initial intelligence gathering performed on a target organisation. This involves identifying firewalls, routers and building a map of the network. During this step, the security tester gathers important company information. This could include org charts, company policies, physical addresses, current events and details of key personal such as email addresses, CVs and phone numbers. Once the security tester gathers this information, they can then identify key targets, potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors. Scanning Scanning adds a lot of information to your network map. It is about uncovering more detailed host information. It might consist of Operating System information and versions, hosted applications, open ports and network ranges. This information expands...
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