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Satalyst is a cloud-first digital transformation company leveraging Microsoft and open source technology to build, integrate and support solutions.

Our mission is to empower our clients with a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to modernise and optimise business processes.

We collaborate with our clients to really understand their business and strive for optimal business outcomes rather than just focusing on the technology.

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12.04.17 By Rachel Categories: ,

Still able to synchronise your on-premises identity data to Azure AD and Office 365?

Last year, Microsoft announced the deprecation of Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (“DirSync”) and Azure Active Directory Sync (“Azure AD Sync”). Today, the tools reach end of support. According to Microsoft’s deprecation schedule, DirSync/Azure AD Sync will continue to work until 31 December at which time Azure AD will no longer accept communications from DirSync/Azure AD Sync. To be able to continue to synchronise your on-premises identity data to Azure AD and Office 365, an upgrade to Azure AD Connect is necessary. Azure AD Connect is the successor to DirSync and Azure AD Sync and combines all scenarios these two tools supported. Need help migrating to Azure AD Connect? Not a problem, we are here to help. Call our friendly team on 08 9355 2807 or email us at
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