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Satalyst is a cloud-first digital transformation company leveraging Microsoft and open source technology to build, integrate and support solutions.

Our mission is to empower our clients with a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to modernise and optimise business processes.

We collaborate with our clients to really understand their business and strive for optimal business outcomes rather than just focusing on the technology.

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Certified Microfost Cloud Solutions Provider

Satalyst is a
Microsoft Cloud Solutions ProviderTM
What this means to our clients is we can package our solutions and services with Microsoft cloud services for a single, subscription-based offering.

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17.10.17 By Rachel Coyne Categories:

Satalyst becomes a Microsoft CSP for Azure, Dynamics & O365

We’re excited to announce that Satalyst is now a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. The Microsoft CSP program allows Satalyst to sell and support subscriptions for Microsoft cloud services. Therefore, our clients can buy subscriptions to Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, and Azure from us directly. What this means to customers Especially relevant to customers, adding this offering means we are now officially a one-stop-shop. We have always¬†built, integrated and supported cloud-based solutions. But now we also provision, manage and directly bill for cloud subscriptions. Add our flexible outsourced IT and cloud support offering, and we look after the whole customer lifecycle. As a result, we aim to provide excellent customer service combined with best in class technical capability. Why purchase through a Microsoft CSP? Purchasing through a Microsoft CSP partner, as opposed to going directly to Microsoft, can provide you with a broader range of purchasing methods, more flexible and customised solutions, and a more direct line of support. You can learn more about the benefits of being and working with a Microsoft CSP partner¬†here. We can help you now Whether you have already taken advantage of our services or would like to start with licenses first, we can help....
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