Satalyst operates fully in the cloud and we generally lead with cloud solutions for our customers. However, we also recognise typical business and IT models support hybrid environments. So, we also keep our traditional on premise development and integration skills and experience sharp and relevant.

Professional Services

As a Gold Microsoft partner specialising in the Microsoft stack, our expertise is with cloud, software development, business intelligence and advanced data analytics (including ML and IoT), integration, and product development. We also have skills in the Dynamics CRM and Office 365 Platforms, but where we really shine is in the integration between these platforms and other large enterprise systems.


Satalyst has developed technology and IP for a location enabled tracker using advanced Azure IoT. It has many applications and has gained a lot of recognition as the Satalyst Tracker – real-time monitoring and reporting of cyclists’ location and performance in road races. The technology is also being used for people movement monitoring in events and mobile asset tracking for heavy machinery.

Azure Managed Services

Providing a complete service for our customers, Satalyst offers Azure Managed Services giving ongoing support in the cloud environment. We provide, manage and monitor Azure infrastructure and solutions, ensuring our customers get the most out of their cloud solutions and environments.

Our people

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest assets of Satalyst is the quality and talent of its people. Satalyst people have an ability that is unique in their industry – to distil a situation, see and unpack the problems and opportunities that exist within, and provide real solutions to these problems.

Satalyst’s people are committed to our values and understand what it means to deliver the correct advice or systems to the success of our clients. Although they are highly skilled technical experts they also understand the need to be practical in the solutions and systems they develop and deliver.


Delivering brilliant business solutions