From Microsoft Newsroom – Satalyst Tracker

By Rachel Coyne on 19 Nov 2015

The Satalyst Tracker was showcased at Microsoft Ignite Conference as an inspirational customer story giving testimony to the power of the Azure IoT Suite to deliver an innovative and ready to use custom solution in 5 weeks.

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Rapid software delivery in Azure a first for RACI

By Rachel Coyne on 25 Oct 2015

RACI turned to its strategic IT partner, Satalyst, which relished the opportunity to demonstrate how the Azure cloud platform and Satalyst’s innovative ways of using technology and lean methodologies can provide real and cost effective business solutions.

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Azure Continuous Integration Monitoring Part 1

By Satalyst Brilliance on 28 Jul 2015

Azure powered multi-stage CI monitoring tools

This blog post is the result of a 2015 FedEx Day project on Continuous Integration. This is the first in a series of 3 posts covering something fun we’ve been messing around with in our spare time. Part 1 includes a little about what we’re trying to do, part 2 describes the infrastructure we built on Azure to do all the heavy lifting, and part 3 shows the finished shiny and wraps things up.

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