Microsoft Cloud Native in a Day

Say goodbye to old non-scalable monolithic applications. Cloud Native in a Day workshop is designed to simplify and accelerate your journey towards modernizing your existing applications and building new apps in a cloud native way using Kubernetes and other Azure technologies.

In our workshop, you will better understand:

  • What is Kubernetes, Cloud Native and why it is the biggest trend in application development
  • How Microsoft technologies can help you build modern applications that scale easily, achieve resiliency and leverage DevOps practices
  • How to modernise your existing applications with minimal interruptions

The morning session will focus on use cases, cloud TCO value, common obstacles to avoid, and mapping out your migration/modernization strategy. The afternoon session will be dedicated to hands-on training to help get you started on your cloud native application development journey.

The workshop runs for a full day with a 1-hour break for lunch.

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Presented by 

Leigh Shayler, CTO at Satalyst