Satalyst modernises, optimises, and develops applications on Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS.

It is becoming increasingly challenging to stay competitive and at the forefront of technology without moving to the cloud. Maintaining on-premises applications can lead to obsolescence in their daily operations as they do not have the flexibility or agility to respond to the organisation’s ever-changing needs.

Satalyst develops, re-engineers, deploys, and manages enterprise applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Whether your organisation is looking to automate a business process, update an existing application, or develop a new one, Satalyst and Azure are making application development more accessible than ever before.

Azure’s modern cloud platform offers high agility, resiliency, and security. These modern features enable speed to market, scalability, and futureproofing for business-critical applications, which you cannot get from an on-premise application.

Re-imagine and modernise your enterprise applications and make them once again fit for purpose and future-ready

Lift and Shift to Azure IaaS

Migration to Azure makes sense when existing infrastructure and operating systems reach end-of-life and become too expensive to maintain. Simply migrating application workloads to Azure IaaS requires minimal changes and is the fastest way to start benefiting from the advantages of the cloud, such as agility, scale, and performance.

Re-platform and Optimise with Azure PaaS

Re-platforming an existing application to Azure PaaS to include infrastructure and middleware, development tools, business intelligence services, database management, and more. Modifications are made to the current software and bring Azure capabilities to the existing application. Further, optimise the running of the application with advanced application monitoring and security tools.
Once you are in the cloud, we can help you evolve your application and optimise assets with the latest Azure services.

Modernise and Replace with a Cloud-native Application in Azure

When an application that previously met the needs of the business but is now unsupported or misaligned with current business processes. Retire the old application and re-architect and re-engineer it in Microsoft Azure to be modular, scalable, fault-tolerant, and ultra-responsive.

Custom Development in Azure

Utilising the Azure cloud platform, along with Microsoft’s .NET development platform to quickly develop scalable and high-performing custom web applications and portals for enterprise applications, B2B, and B2C web-based services and products. Cloud-native development is the new way to develop software and large complex systems. The approach takes full advantage of modern software development practices, technologies, micro-services, and platform services in Azure.

Cloud and Infrastructure Managed Services

Satalyst provides fully managed Microsoft Azure infrastructure and platform services with 24/7 monitoring. Our Microsoft-certified Azure engineers use service automation frameworks, and advanced cloud tools & IP for continuous monitoring and proactive management to ensure Azure environments are optimised and secure.

Microsoft Gold Partner competencies

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