Cloud Managed Services

With a focus on Azure cloud infrastructure and cloud services, Satalyst offers various service tiers of cloud managed services to suit our customers’ budget and needs. We will provision cloud environments, undertake infrastructure maintenance, manage, monitor and report on your cloud services and environments.

Designed to ensure the health and stability of your integrated solution, Satalyst’s Managed Services reduce the ongoing administrative burden and cost of IT support and maintenance. Our on-going support is timely and efficient when you need a problem fixed. A predictable monthly operating expense allows you to budget and avoid expensive one-off escalations.

Cloud infrastructure technical support

When issues occur we identify and address them rapidly, providing post incident reviews to capture developing trends and mitigate repeat occurrences moving forward. Our Managed Services ensure appropriate configuration of your infrastructure and adapting it as your requirements develop and change. We undertake frequent housekeeping routines to ensure that you’re getting the best from your systems and applications and continually assess the configuration and performance of your systems and applications to ensure optimal performance and usability.

Hosting your solution in the cloud

As part of our complete service offering to customers, if Satalyst has built an application in the cloud or migrated workloads, we can continue to host the solution once it’s gone to production and provide ongoing support for the application and the cloud infrastructure it uses.

If you would like further information about Satalyst or this service, please contact us.

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